When you are a teenager, you can make some extra money if you work or even start your own business. There are a lot of opportunities out there that can fit your schedule, so find something that you enjoy doing and start working. Below you will learn more about good jobs for teen girls.

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  • Crafting

Crafting is among the most popular jobs for teenagers. If you are talented at making a particular type of craft, create a few pieces and sale them on specialized websites. You can also make your own website where you can successfully promote your creations. When doing crafting, you can control your time and set the cost by yourself.  You can also ask local shops if they want to sell your creations. Don`t forget to hand out business cards to people you meet!

  • Calligraphy

In case you have a beautiful hand-writing, consider writing wedding invitations. There are many brides who want calligraphy invitations to send to their guests, but they don`t have the time to write them all. Get in touch with local wedding planners and show them your work in order to persuade them you have the right calligraphic skills. They can recommend you to their clients.

  • Photography

Many teenagers are passionate about photography. If you are among them, you can consider being a photographer`s assistant. As an assistant, you will tell people to stand in certain spots and help the photographer. You can wither work at wedding or in a studio, but it can be an interesting experience in both cases.

  • Babysitting and child care

Also among the most popular jobs for teenagers, child care can bring you some extra money. As you can babysit or work in a day care center. This is a good job for teen girls who want to become teachers, because they have the opportunity to learn a lot of things about child development. If you work on a day care center, you have the weekends free and you can also work after school. Being a babysitter gives you the possibility to charge what you want and select the jobs you like.

  • Gardening

During spring and summer, gardening offers good jobs for teenagers. You can establish regular appointments with several homeowners to come by and maintain their gardens. You can also watch their pet or home while they are away on vacation.

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