Generally, the qualifications for a job don`t change whether the candidate applies internally or externally. Just like an external applicant, an internal employee must prove he can meet the requirements for a position. An internal job can also refer to a transfer or promotion. Even if you have the advantage of knowing the company from inside, it is very essential to prepare before the interview. What follow are some helpful guidelines about how to convey your qualifications for an internal job.

How to Convey Your Qualifications for an Internal Job How to Convey Your Qualifications for an Internal Job Picture
  • Read carefully the job description

Once you have the internal job description, try to attentively inspect it. Identify the section with the skills and qualifications required. Write down each expectation and match your own qualifications. For example, if the job description requires a Bachelor`s in Business Administration or equivalent, you can list a Bachelor`s of Science in Accounting as long as you have these credentials.

  • Rewrite your resume

Create a new resume or edit your existing one according to the internal job opening. Replace the “Objective” section with the “Summary of Qualifications” section where you can list your qualifications and strengths.

  • Create a cover letter

Write a cover letter where you explain your qualifications. Include your successful and notable accomplishments while working for the company or with other employers. For instance, “I successfully replaced the paper-based accounting system with a software-based one, which led to a substantial decrease regarding administrative costs”.

  • Rehearse for the interview

Even if you apply for an internal job, you should definitely go to the interview very well prepared. Think about what the interviewers might ask you and find possible answers ahead. It is very important to be able to answer specific questions about the industry or your qualifications. Therefore you should plan ahead how to convey your qualification for an internal job if you really want to get it.

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