So why do we need a letter of interest for a job? Well if we are seriously planning to get a job at a decent company you need the letter of interest, the also known cove letter. The letter of interest has to be sent to the company since it better explains your intentions, skills experience and can also show them your level of commitment.

How to Present a Letter of Interest for a Job How to Present a Letter of Interest for a Job Picture

A great letter of interest should start with your address at the top as well as the recipients address, the date and a formal greeting formula; it should also consist of a body and the closing. If you’re having doubts about the layout format of your letter of interest you should search trough your world program for templates for a cover letter, most of them have at least one or two, otherwise you will have no trouble getting some help with it by checking on the internet for one.

It shows a greater investment if you bother to call the company to find out the name of the person to which you’re sending the letter to and write it in a formal greeting sentence like “Dear Mr. Smith”. However you can also write something like “To whom it may concern” but this is not the optimal situation.

Describing an achievement of one of your past jobs that led you to this job is always an eye catching anecdote that can bring you the points that you need do get on the top of the other interview candidates.

The way to approach the letter of intent that is most rewording is not to just paste the info from your resume in it but to actually relate to it trough the facts of your experience regardless if you gained it from a job or from education.

The letter of intent should end with a summary of your qualifications that are relevant for the job that you’re applying for. Try to include how you would react if you’re placed in different situations.

For the ending of the letter don’t forget to write that you will follow up with a call on a certain date and make sure you stick with it. This will let the company you’re applying for that you are committed to the job. At the verry end seal the deal with a serious sendoff like “Sincerely”.

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