A good job description for assistant manager should be concise, but also able to offer a thorough overview of the position. Basically, the job description should state the duties, responsibilities, education, experience requirements, information on salary and benefits. The steps below about how to write a job description for assistant manager will be of great help.

How to Write a Job Description for Assistant Manager How to Write a Job Description for Assistant Manager Picture
  • Title

The first thing you should do is to choose a title, for example “Assistant Manager – Steven & Associates Law Firm”. If applicable, write under the title the department in which the employee will be working and the supervisor to which he will be reporting to.

  • Terms of Employment

Make a “Term of Employment” heading and include whether the assistant manager position is a permanent hire or a contract one. In case it is a contract position, write how long the contract will last.

  • Salary

Under the “Salary” heading, include the salary range. For hourly positions, say the hourly rate of pay.

  • Duties and Responsibilities

The next heading, “Duties and Responsibilities”, lists the specific duties for the job. They depend on the type of business and business environment, such as restaurant, retail or office. Include no more than five duties and responsibilities, the essential ones, such as be the linkage between the manager and employees.

  • Required Skills

“Required Skills” includes the list on the most important skills requires for the job. For example, an assistant manager should be proficient with particular computer programs or be able to run video conference meeting.

  • Additional Skills and Responsibilities

After this heading, list five to seven addition qualities or responsibilities required by the position, such as strong leadership skills or the ability to handle stressful situations.

  • Education and Work Experience

The job description should also include all the educational requirements and work experience the applicant should possess. While most assistant manager positions require at least a bachelor`s degree, work experience should be expressed in years and type of experience.

  • Other Qualifications

In this section of the job description you can make additional specifications about the position requirements, for example if the candidate will be willing to travel or relocate.

Once you have completed all these steps about how to write a job description for an assistant manager, you can post your announce and start interviewing candidates!

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